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By entering this website (referred to herein as SITE) and / or using any information on the SITE in any way, you are accepting the following conditions.

In no event will ADA BEACHWEAR LLC.and its affiliates (altogether referred to herein as ADA BEACHWEAR)  be liable for any direct or indirect loss resulting from breach of contract, acts of injustice and / or other reasons due to use of the SITE and / or one/many data and /or information on SITE and from entering the SITE.

ADA BEACHWEAR LLC.reserves the right to change the SITE conditions of use, information, product or service in the SITE and on its extensions with no prior warning or announcement, to rearrange the SITE, to cease release and all other rights. The regulations are put into effect on the moment they are released on the SITE. These regulations and changes concerning the use of and / or entry of the SITE are considered as accepted.

 ADA BEACHWEAR LLC.shall not be held liable for interruption of the services, errors, ignorance, cutoff, removal of data, losses, delays in the transaction or communication, computer virus, communication error, and theft or unauthorized entrance, change or usage into the records due to any contract violation, tort, ignorance and/ or other reasons.

The SITE may include some links or references to other sites that are not controlled under ADA BEACHWEAR. In no event will ADA BEACHWEAR LLC.be liable for the contents of these sites and other links contained therein.

ADA BEACHWEAR LLC.is the owner and/or license holder of any and all materials including all information, pictures, ADA BEACHWEAR LLC.brand name and other brands, domain name of www.adabeachwear.com .logos, icons, demonstration writings, data provided in written, electronic, graphic or machine-readable form, computer software, applied sales system, business method and business model as well as all intellectual and industrial property rights thereof, and all of such materials and rights are under legal protection. None of the material contained in the SITE may be changed, copied, reproduced, translated into other languages, re-published, loaded onto another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed without prior written notice and referring to the SITE as the source, and may not be subject to any process requiring the authorization of the right holder pursuant to the legal regulations and applications. All and or some part of the SITE may not be used in another website without the proper authorization. All transactions and acts against the interests of ADA BEACHWEAR LLC.whether listed herein or not shall require the imposition of the legal and penal liabilities in the broadest sense. All other rights of ADA BEACHWEAR LLC.not openly listed or mentioned here are reserved.

ADA BEACHWEAR LLC.has the authority to update the content of the page “Legal Notice” page at any time. It suggests the users to visit the Legal Notice page at each of their visits to the SITE

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